Why my dog biting the air?

Why my dog biting the air?

Why my dog biting the air?

Have you ever seen a dog bite the air? Some people think that the dog is to bite someone, but it is not. The dog suddenly "bites the air", which may have the following meanings.

dog biting 

Some foreign matter in their mouth

Dogs usually like to chew some rope toys. If the wool is gnawed off, or the owner’s hair is eaten, and there is a foreign matter in the mouth, then they will bite the air. They are trying to spit out the foreign matter, but the owner cannot see the things in their mouth clearly, you may think that they biting the air for no reason, as long as the foreign matter in their mouth is cleaned up.

Emotional stress

Many people may feel strange that dogs also feel stressed. Normally, the dog’s stress is due to the lack of physical exertion. For example, if the owner does not take them out for a long time, or is often beaten, the dog will remain tense emotionally. Sometimes they want to vent the pressure, and they will bite the air.

Want to play with you

When the dog bites the air in front of you, it means that they want to invite you to play together. The owner who observes the dog’s behavior will definitely know that, because when the dog makes this action, it will not bite your hand. they are usually accompanied by a stomping action, which is very cute.

It's exciting when they saw you holding the dog leash

When a dog is emotional, it will bite the air to express theirs happiness. For example, when they see you take out the leash and prepare to out with them, the dog is very happy and jumps over immediately, wanting to put it on the leash and go out. The action of them biting the air is also urging you to hurry up.

They find that you are holding the food

We just told you guys that the dog will bite the air excitedly when they see the leash. There is another situation where the dog will also bite the air happily, that is, when they see that you have food. The dog will jump up and down excitedly, lick your hand, and pull you, just waiting for you to give them the food.
Some foods can be eaten by dogs, and it’s okay to give them a little bit, but some things that people can eat, the dogs can not eat. These require the owner to restrict your dog. It's not good for a dog's health. When feeding dogs, it is best to search on Google in advance whether this kind of food is suitable for dogs. There is no harm in doing an extra step, especially if you want to give dogs homemade food, you should pay more attention on that.

Losing teeth makes them uncomfortable

Some dogs are in the teething period, and the loose teeth make them uncomfortable. They will claw their teeth with their paws, or bite the air, trying to make the loose teeth fall out quickly. If the excrement shoveler finds that your dog has reached the teething period, you can give it some soft and hard molar sticks to help the dog change teeth smoothly.
Dogs in the teeth-changing period will feel uncomfortable in the mouth, affecting their appetite. The owner  can choose some palatable food for it, which can improve the dog's appetite. Also, you can add some delicious fresh meat, vegetables and fruits to your dog at ordinary times to improve palatability, but be careful not to give your dog wet food frequently, as the teeth will not be exercised, and it will not be better for tooth replacement.

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