The 6 major performances of dogs with "high IQ"!

The 6 major performances of dogs with "high IQ"!

The 6 major performances of dogs with "high IQ"!

Different breeds of dogs have different IQs, but those dogs with high IQs and have some common characteristics. What we are going to talk about today is the 6 major performances of dogs with "high IQ"! Let's see if your dog is a genius?

If your dog always maintains a strong curiosity, it proves that your dog's IQ is very high! A dog that is curious about everything is very good, and such a dog's ability to observe and express is better than other dogs.

They know now what time the owner comes home every day
A dog with a high IQ has a good sense of time, knows what to do at each time, and is very smart all the day. Even they don't have an alarm clock and time, they can know clearly when the owner back from work, and they are waiting in the back of the the door before the owner come home!

They will frame
No matter how smart a dog is, it is inevitable that they will make mistakes, but a dog with a high IQ is still smarter when making mistakes! First , they will hide the tools and evidence of the crime first, so that the owner will not find out. If the owner accidentally finds out, they has another trick, which is to pretend not to know, and then frame others in the house!

With very eye-catching
Even dogs do not know human language, they can observe the owner's emotions through some body movements and expressions of the owner. Especially some high-intelligence dogs are simply dog spirits. They have a panoramic view of the owner's words and deeds. They carefully observe the owner's face!

No pee or poo at their bed
For dog owners, the most worrying thing may be the dog's pee and poo problems! No matter how you teach her, she will always defecate in her bed, and needs the owner to cleaning. But this is not the case for dogs with high IQs. They are very smart and clean. They never defecate in their bed. They just wait for the owner to take them out.If your dog still can’t learn to pee and poo at a fixed point, don’t worry, you can try to get some small snacks and slowly guide the training. Dogs are so smart, and with the blessing of snacks, I believe they will learn it in a short time.

Forage for food
Dogs are all brought up under the care of owner, and they have no ability to find food independently at all. When you're hungry, you can only wait for the owner back, and you can't figure it out on your own, but dogs with high IQs don't do that. If you are hungry, you will find the owner. If the owner is not at home, they will take the initiative to find food. It will be like the place where the owner took food before, and they will settle their food and clothing. so smart!

But not all dogs can be so smart, they can only find food by themselves, so they can only stay hungry all the time! A dog's stomach is already fragile, and starvation for a long time will only make things worse. So the excrement shovelers must feed the dogs regularly! Don't hurt dog's body. Reasonable eating habits can keep the dog's stomach healthy, and they will be healthier!

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