Some secrets about your dogs

Some secrets about your dogs

Some secrets about your dogs

With the development of society, many people have dogs in their families right now. Do you really understand your dog? Today, I will like to share with you some secrets about dogs.Do you know that as well?

1. Dogs need to sleep about 15 hours per day, so give them more times for sleep.

2. There are almost no sweat glands in the dog's body, and the main heat dissipation parts are on the tongue and meat pads, so shaving can not help them dissipate heat.

3. The dog will turn in circles before defecating mainly to adjust the magnetic field and find a suitable position to ensure its own safety.

4. There are 13 blood types in dogs, six of which are the main blood types, and only 8 blood types meet international standards.

5. Dogs aren't born swimming. Short-nosed dogs such as French Pitbull and Shih Tzu are not suitable for swimming. If you throw the dog into the water rashly, it is easy to drown.

6. The dog’s teeth will change once during the growing. Generally, all the deciduous teeth will grow in around 4mouths years old, that is the initial 28 deciduous teeth will be replaced with 42 permanent teeth.

7. Dogs are actually color blind. There are only several different colors in their eyes, such as black, white, gray, yellow, blue and so on. There are only two types of cone cells in the dog's eyes, but the ability to distinguish individual colors is relatively weak.

8. Dogs do not drink water by licking, but by rolling their tongues backwards and drinking like a spoon.

9. Dogs can dry 70% of the water in 4 seconds after taking a bath.

10. In fact, dogs are also dreaming, and their owners appear in their dreams sometimes.

11. A dog's nose, like a human's fingerprint, it is as unique as their ID. 

12. The longer you get along with the dog, the owner and the dog will become more and more similar, no matter in appearance, movement, or various behavior habits.

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