How does the dog training collar works?

How does the dog training collar works?

How does the dog training collar works?

Dogs are faithful friends of humans. According to research, dogs were domesticated from gray wolves by early humans, and are the pets with the highest keeping rate; farming societies have given them more value for hunting and housekeeping, but with urbanization With the advancement of human pets, people live in groups in communities and high-rise buildings, dogs bite, bark, pee tires when they go out, catch sofas at home, children in elevators, chase the elderly downstairs, gang fights in the community, eat feces on the lawn, pick up garbage in the corner, etc. A series of possibilities bad behaviors that occur at any time has become a common worry for all the dog owners.

The dog training device is an electronic tool that assists pet owners in correcting their pet’s bad behavior habits. It sends a signal driving instruction through the remote control transmitter, such as sound signal, vibration signal, and static shock signal. After receiving the remote control instruction, the receiver will make a corresponding mechanical action to remind the dog to prohibit the behavior, and then achieves the purpose of getting rid of the bad behavior habit of the dog.

Sound Signal: Sound training is a traditional and effective way of training animals that uses a method of conditioning reinforcement to signal that the animal is doing the right thing; B.F. Skinner was the first to define and describe manipulation Scholars of the Constraint Principle, and two of Skinner's students, Marianne and Caleb Brilliant, both observed the possibility of applying it to the daily behavioral training of animals and developed what is now known as the normal enhancement methods and shaping methods. This method has been widely used in dog training, dolphin training, and pigeon training.

Vibration signal: Compared with the sound signal, the vibration signal is more of a reminder function, which is quickly transmitted to the central nervous system of the brain through the wearing position of the collar, so that the discomfort caused by the vibration can be prohibited from animal behavior faster; it needs to be emphasized.The most important thing is that this is just a sense of discomfort, and has no negative impact on the animal's brain nerves, skin tissue. and animal mechanism; more generally speaking, it is the same as the vibration function of our mobile phone, the principle is the same, and the electronic components are almost the same. Please feel to use it, it's safe.

Static Schock Signal: Static Schock Signal is a controversial function in dog training. Static electricity is a dog training concept introduced from the United States more than ten years ago. This training method has been promoted globally; but most pets There is a misunderstanding among netizens, simply thinking that this is a kind of electric shock, which is inhumane; in fact, static electricity dog ​​training uses pulse current, which is essentially different from electric shock. Pulse current has been widely used in humans. For example, massagers, analgesics in the delivery room to relieve labor pain, etc.

A Pulse current is an intermittent current or voltage pulse that repeats periodically. It either appears in the same direction, or in positive and negative alternating directions. There is an essential difference between pulse current and electric shock. Pulse current refers to the A short-term shock fluctuation similar to a pulse in technology; electric shock is a phenomenon in which the animal body is stimulated by a strong electric current in a short period, causing multiple organ dysfunction in the body.

I hope that all the pet owner will treat this product rationally and scientifically; the dog training device is an effective tool for correcting pet behavior. It has functions such as sound, vibration, and static electricity; please choose the appropriate function according to your actual needs.

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