Can anti-barking collar really stop barking?

Can anti-barking collar really stop barking?

What is anti barking collar?

Anti barking collar is a tool that takes the place of the owner when the dog is barking to remind the dog that it should be quiet. There are many different styles of anti-barking collar on the market today, and there are different ways of reminding. Generally speaking, there are following ways to stop barking: vibration, sound, electric shock and spray. Different ways of stop barking have different using scenarios as well as advantages and disadvantages, and owners need to choose and buy according to the characteristics and needs of their own dogs.


How to choose a suitable anti barking collar?

Before buying impulsively, owners need to clarify some criteria for selecting anti barking collar, as well as the situation of their own dogs.


Choose a vibration or sound anti barking collar.


The principle of stop barking is to use some stimulus to make the dog averse barking or to remind the dog that the owner does not like this behavior. Among these ways, sound is the gentlest , while vibration is the more effective way. It is not recommended to choose a scent or shock anti barking collar because scent is less successful, and shock is not recommended because it can make the dog feel pain.

Choose a durable anti-barking collar.

Anti barking collars are battery operated generally, so choose a more durable one. The longer period of standby time, the less time the anti barking collar needs to be charged. Owners do not need to worry about the embarrassing scenario of not being able to stop the barking dog when the collar is low battery.


Choose a anti barking collar with high sensitivity.


The effective range of the anti barking collar is very important,the reason of we buy this device is to be able to stop the dog's barking quickly and effectively.


Frequently asked questions when using a anti barking collar.


Why the anti-barking collar can not work immediately?


The anti barking collar does not stop barking directly, it is a tool to give commands to the dog instead of the owner. If the owner just puts the anti barking collar on and activates it without training, it will not be effective in stopping the dog's barking habits, but maybe scare the dog. Therefore, the anti barking collar still needs to be used in conjunction with the dog trainer.


So choosing a suitable anti barking collar is not easy, we’d like to recommend that you choose a multifunctional model with remote controller. Such anti barking collar is more suitable for new users and can match most dogs.



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