Dog training and the "Conditioned Reflex"

Dog training and the "Conditioned Reflex"

What is dog training? What is the connection between dog training and conditioned reflexes?

Pavlov, a famous psychologist, conducted an experiment with dogs in which a red light was turned on and a bell was rung before each food was given to the dog. After a period of time, the mere sound of the bell or the red light coming on caused the dog to produce salivation, even if no food was offered. Why? In this case, the bell becomes a conditioned stimulus, and the salivation caused by the bell is a conditioned reflex.

The dog training collar is also precisely the use of the basic principle of the dog's conditioned reflex. Dog training collar is the master through the remote control transmitter to send a stimulus signal command, wear to the dog's neck receiver to receive the corresponding signal command, the dog will make the corresponding response, after repeated reminders, the dog will form a conditioned reflex, understand which behavior is popular or unwelcome.

The process of training dogs to learn various skills is also the process of allowing dogs to form conditioned reflexes. If you want to teach your dog to sit, the owner sends an audible signal command through the remote control transmitter and says: "Sit", and after the dog sits, give him a praising look while petting his head. Repeat the training, twice a day, morning and evening, the training time should not exceed 15 minutes each time. Usually after 5-7 days of training, the dog can learn.

Dog training is an activity that requires long-term persistence, owners need to give their dogs a long-term regular training, in order to gradually train the dog to produce the "work ability" we need.

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