Are dog trainers harmful to dogs?

Are dog trainers harmful to dogs?

    For many families with dogs, the dog trainer is a very normal item, but the dog trainer is still unfamiliar to some families even with dogs. The reason is that many people do not have a dog trainer. The correct understanding is that the dog training device is very harmful to the dog. In fact, most people's cognition of the dog training device is one-sided, and let me explain it in detail.


     The dog trainer, as its name implies, is a kind of training equipment specially designed for dogs. Because it cannot directly understand the information of human language, no matter what type of dog trainer it is, it will cause more or less certain damage to the dog. Influence or injury, of course, obedient dogs may suffer the least damage. The more reckless dogs are, the more they will challenge the authority of the dog trainer, and the more vulnerable they are, except for the dog itself. In addition to the factors of the dog trainer itself, there are also characteristics such as the design of the dog trainer itself, which are also the key factors affecting whether the dog will be injured.


     At present, the new generation of dog training equipment is electronic electric shock type remote control dog training equipment, represented by the intelligent remote control dog training equipment, referred to as the remote control dog training equipment. The remote control dog training equipment is divided into two parts, the remote control and the receiver. The owner controls, the receiver is worn by the dog on the neck, and the receiver is divided into three modes: sound warning, vibration warning, electrostatic pulse electric shock punishment, if the dog starts barking or jumping, the owner can pass the hand. The remote control of the receiver controls the receiver. After the receiver receives the signal, it will give the dog a sound warning, vibration prompt or electric shock punishment according to the corresponding set mode.

        Whether it is sound or vibration, in fact, for the dog. There is no harm. If there is damage, it will also cause some physical damage to the dog in the electric shock mode. However, the metal electric shock head in the electric shock mode of the dog trainer is equipped with a soft tube electric silicone protective cover. The function of the protective cover is to prevent dogs from being injured by electrostatic pulses. Dogs are also flesh and blood. Metal electric shocks will definitely hurt flesh and blood, but with the electro-silicon protective cover, you can successfully avoid the metal contact head It will hurt the dog's skin and hair, and it will also punish the dog's disobedient behavior. And with the correct use of the dog trainer and the length of the use cycle, the dog can gradually get rid of some bad problems and develop good behavior habits, so the dog trainer will not hurt the dog to some extent. Dogs, but to help dogs develop better habits.

     With the improvement of living standards, more and more families regard the dog as a member of the family, but the dog cannot directly communicate with humans, so it is necessary to use an external force - a dog training collar to help the dog better integrate people's lives.

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