how to correct the bad behaviors of dogs "rushing" and "jumping up" ?

how to correct the bad behaviors of dogs "rushing" and "jumping up" ?

how to correct the bad behaviors of dogs "rushing" and "jumping up" ?

As people's life is getting better and better, more and more families keep dogs. Most of the domestic dogs have some bad behaviors. Let me teach you how to  correct the bad behaviors of dogs "rushing" and "jumping up" more easier.  

dog training

First, we need to get a electric dog training collar with vibration beep e shock functions. We use a model PD 523-1 remote control dog training collar with 1000meters range. It has 3 channels and can control 3 dogs at the same time.

When out with your dog, if your dog"rushing" , you can use the pet training collar with remote to stop it just by click the button. "rushing"that means your dog is exciting.When it is a puppy if you are not corrected it, it will be very difficult to correct that when they are grows up. So many bad habits are happens in childhood.

Dogs jumping on people is also a problem that many dog owner worry about. It is very dangerous in the daily life. If dog jumps on the elderly or children, it is also very big problems. In the same way, using a dog training collar can solve the problem. When the dog jumps on people, use the vibration function directly. For large dogs or strong dogs, you can use the electrostatic function to stop it.

When using remote control dog training collar, try to choose the one that meet national safety standards, such as Paipaitek dog care training collar with remote, which have complete qualifications, product inspection reports, and no harm to pets.


Before using the dog training device, it is recommended to check whether the collar is tight or not. It is important that the shock prongs of the receiver does not touch the dog's skin. If it does not come into contact with the skin, there may be no effect of static shock.

Before training, be sure to let the dog get used to the electric shock and vibration functions at home, so as to prevent some dogs from panicking and running around outdoors. It is recommended to use warning sounds and vibrations to let the dog get used to it, and then use electric shocks with lower level. Individual timid dogs may be intimidated by using static electricity first.

Training a dog doesn't happen overnight. All dog owner need to be patient.

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