The anti-bark collar is really working when the dog barks?

The anti-bark collar is really working when the dog barks?

The anti-bark collar is really working when the dog barks?

What is an anti-bark collar?

An anti-bark collar is a tool that replaces the owner to remind the dog to be quiet when the dog is barking. There are many different styles of stop-barking devices on the market right now, and the ways of reminding them are also different. Generally speaking, there are several ways to stop barking: vibration, sound, electric shock, and the most rare scent spray bark stopper. These different barking methods have different usage scenarios and advantages and disadvantages. Owners need to choose and purchase according to the characteristics and needs of your dogs.

How to choose a suitable stop-barking collar?

Before impulsively buying a bark stopper, the owner needs to clarify some criteria for choosing a bark stopper, as well as the situation of your dog.

1. Choose from a vibrating or sound-boosting bark device

The principle of barking is to use some stimulation to make the dog hate the behavior of barking, or to remind the dog that the owner does not like this behavior. Among the many ways, sound is the most gentle way, while vibration is the more effective way. It is not recommended to choose a smell or high-level electric shock bark stopper, because the success of the smell is slightly lower; and the high level electric shock is not recommended because it will make the dog feel pain. It's better to choose the one with different electric shock levels.

2. Choose a Durable Bark Stopper

Generally speaking, bark suppressors are battery-operated, so choose a durable one. Because of the longest standby time, the bark suppressor needs less time to charge. The owner does not need to worry, when the dog barks, the bark stopper has no electricity and cannot stop the embarrassing scene.

3. Choose an anti-bark collar with high sensitivity

The effective range of the barking device is a very important indicator, the reason why we buy the barking device is to quickly and effectively stop the barking of the dog, if it needs to go to the front of the dog to stop it If the dog barks, then there is not much need for it.

Common problems encountered when using bark arresters

Why is the bark stopper not working immediately?

The bark stopper is not able to stop barking directly, it is more a tool that replaces the owner's command to the dog. If the owner puts on the dog a bark stopper and activates it without training, it will not effectively stop the dog's barking, and may frighten the dog instead. Therefore, the bark stopper still needs to be used in conjunction with the training of the dog trainer.

Can the bark stopper be used on the neighbor's dog?

Generally speaking, a bark stopper can only stop the barking of the dog wearing it. If you want to target the neighbor's dog, then try to wear the bark-stop device on that dog, and then after training, let it know that the bark stop device is to remind it not to continue barking, In this way, the barking problem of your neighbor's dog can be effectively stopped.

It is not easy to choose a suitable stop-bark collar. It is generally recommended that you choose a multifunctional bark suppressor with a remote control. This kind of bark stopper is more suitable for beginners, and it can also match most dogs.

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