Please correctly loving your dog

Please correctly loving your dog

Please correctly loving your dog

Raising a dog is not just to give them food, but to establish a correct relationship with your dog. The most important step in raising a dog is correctly loving your dog.

1. Do not arbitrarily change the rules after making them
After formulating a rule, don't change it arbitrarily. Don't say yes today and no tomorrow. A dog's brain is not as smart as a human's,

If you are changed frequently, it will make them feel very confused, and they don't know how to do it correctly. At the same time, if it does something wrong and you correct it, it will be at a loss and question you.

2. It is important to accompany your dog
After some owners bring the dog home, they just let them at home and don't go to accompany them often. This is good, long-term non-communication and play with the owner will make the dog anxious, and the relationship with the owner will not be so deep.

So the owner should take some time to accompany the dog every day, even if it is not much, but at least you just do it.

3. Help dogs develop good living habits
Loving dogs, but not blindly do dogs. Help dogs develop good living habits, and give dogs social training. It is good for itself, the people around it, and even the owner himself. After all, who can refuse a quality, obedient and well-behaved dog?

When the dog is 3 to 6 months old, it is the best time to make socialization training and help the dog develop good living habits. It will neither be too young nor miss the correcting time.

4. Take your dog out for a walk
It is very important to take your dog out for exercise and walks. First, it can let them get in touch with the outside world, release their pressure, and stimulate brain development.

Secondly, exercise can make the body stronger, and its relationship with the owner will become closer.

5. Talk to your dog more
Please don't think that talking to a dog is like playing the piano to a cow. Dogs can understand our language better than we think.

Talk to the dog more, they will understand more and more, and slowly cultivate your common language understanding.

6. Learn to read dog body language
The dogs can't express in words, what they want to say in their body movements.

Learn to read the dog's body language to understand the dog better, such as whether they are uncomfortable or unhappy.

7. Clear praises and punishments
Dogs must be treated with clear praises and punishments, and they cannot be spoiled. When the dog does something wrong, it should be punished, and it cannot be slack; but when the dog does the right thing and behaves well, it must be praised severely, which can be praised or rewarded with treats.

8. Scientific feeding of dogs
The owners must feed the dog scientifically. Don’t feed the dog too much and make them fat. This does not mean that you love them very much, but that you are irresponsible with your dog. Obesity greatly affects the appearance of a dog, and secondly, it is also very harmful to their health.

If your dog is already getting fat, you should help them lose weight on time, and don't let them get fatter. It is better to choose low-fat dog food as its staple food, strictly control the fat intake, and help them lose weight.

Do you guys love dogs correctly?

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