What do the meaning about these 7 actions of dogs?

What do the meaning about these 7 actions of dogs?

What do the meaning about these 7 actions of dogs?

Right now more and more people keep dogs in their homes. I believe that many people know dogs very well. Although a dog can’t speak, some of its actions can also make the owner understand what it means. If you have raised a dog For many years, but don’t know the meaning of the following 7 actions, so it’s a waste to keep a dog!

1. Show belly

If your dog shows its belly in front of you, then you can secretly enjoy it. This is not only a sign that the dog is yielding to you, but also a sign that the dog trusts you. A dog with such a situation means that it has already regarded you as its master!

2. Licking you all the time
If your dog keeps licking you excitedly every time you come home, it means that your dog loves you very much, and it also means that the dog misses you very much this day.
So the owner must not dislike it, or the dog will think you hate it!

3. Buttocks
Sometimes dogs will turn their backs to you, raise their buttocks, and wag their tails. This is not because the dog dislikes you, but because the dog invites you to play with them. It may be because you have ignored him for a long time, so the dog will be like this. The dog owner remembers to play with the dog more when it is okay.

4. Head rubs against you
Isn't it cute when a dog rubs their head against you? Do you think it's acting like a baby? In fact, in addition to the dog acting like a baby, if the dog rubs against you, it may also be that there is something wrong with the dog's body. The excrement shoveling officers should check whether the dog is uncomfortable. If there is a problem, it is better to take him to the doctor in time.

5. Yawn
Dogs yawn just like humans, and yawning usually means that the dog is really sleepy, but sometimes when you teach the dog, they will also yawn. It's not that the dog is sleepy or ignoring you, but that the dog is relieving the tension, hoping that the owner will not be angry.

6. Crazy digging
If your dog suddenly shows crazy digging movements, you should pay attention to them. It may be that the dog wants to hide some things, such as toys, food, etc., or it may be that the dog is bored or stressed. Be sure to prescribe the right medicine to see what the dog needs.

7. Erect ears

If you find that the dog's ears are erected, it means that the dog has heard some bad sounds and makes it feel threatened, so it is on guard. Of course, it may also be that the dog is attracted to new things and feels curious, so it pricks up its ears and looks curious.

How many of these movements have you understood? If your dog does these actions again, you will understand what it means~

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