Are you the most important one to your dog?

Are you the most important one to your dog?

Are you the most important one to your dog?

In the process of breeding dogs, if your dog even lets you touch the below things, that means that you are really important to them. Let's check if you are the most important person for your dog!

1. Toys

Every dog has their favorite toys. If they even let you touch their beloved toy, and bring their favorite toy to you, that means that you are the most important to the dog.

The owner can play with your dog so that the dog will love you more and more!

2. Belly

The dog's belly is not casually touched. If they let you touch it, that means that your dog really loves you, and also means that you are very important to them. Dogs have recognized you. So these parts of their body let you touch, but the owner should not pat too much, because patting their stomach, the dog will be felt not comfortable!

3. Their baby

The dog's baby is not casual, because they are worried about that their baby will be injured, so if your dog is willing to let you touch their baby, that means that they have recognized you, indicating that you are important to them.
When touching the dog baby, the owner is better to wear gloves, especially the newborn dog baby!

4. Teeth
I believe that many owners have brushed their dog's teeth. If your dogs are willing to let you brush their teeth and let you touch their teeth, that means that you are also particularly important to them.

In addition to brushing your dogs every day, you also need to grind their teeth more. This can reduce the occurrence of bad breath and dental stones. Mogo can choose big bones!

5. Food

For dogs, food is very important. If they let you touch their food, it means that you are very important to them. The dog does not bite at you, it means that they recognize you and treat you as the master.

If your dog has food care, it means that they have not recognized you yet!

6. Anal glands

The dog's anal glands can not be touched casually. If they even let you touch it, it means that they have recognized you. You are important to the dog. You must have skills to squeeze the anal gland. Store learning.

Usually, if you want to reduce the number of anal glands, it is better to bring more dog exercise and to eat less greasy food. It is better to choose light and low oil!

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