Have you heard many sayings after raising dogs?

Have you heard many sayings after raising dogs?

Have you heard many sayings after raising dogs?

Have you heard many sayings after raising dogs? For example, dogs cannot eat salt, swim naturally, and not be kept when pregnant.
These are some long-standing dog-raising misunderstandings. PaiPaitek will take stock of the dog-raising rumors in those years, and see if you have been tricked!

1. Will dog hair be inhaled into the lungs?
When dogs are molting, dog hair is flying all over the sky, and some owner worry about whether they will inhale the dog hair into their lungs.

Don't underestimate the human respiratory defense system too much. Things that breathe in have to pass through multiple barriers such as the nasal cavity, trachea, and bronchi, and the length of dog hair is very long, so it is impossible to pass through the nose hair.

Dog hair is also a relatively large foreign body. Even if it is inhaled, the trachea will respond, and people will cough or sneeze and spit it out. Furthermore, there are cilia in the lungs, which will never enter the alveoli.

2. Can dogs not eat salt?
It is not that dogs cannot eat a little salt. Salt is an element needed by dogs. Proper intake of some salt will not cause hair loss. If the dog does not eat salt for a long time, it may affect their health, because the lack of salt can cause skin diseases and a lot of hair loss.

But dogs should control the amount of salt they eat. Generally speaking, the salt in dog food is enough for daily needs. Eating too much salt is not good for your dog's heart.

3. Do dogs need to shave in summer?
The whole body of a dog is covered with hair, and most of the heat can only be discharged through the mouth through quick panting, and a small part of the heat is discharged from the sweat glands on the foot pads. It is not recommended to shave all the dog's fur, because the hair can protect the skin, resist ultraviolet rays, and insulate heat. If it is shaved, it is easy to get sunburned, attract mosquito bites, and cause skin diseases.

You can shave the soles of the dog's feet to enhance heat dissipation. Long-haired dogs can be trimmed into short hair, but remember to leave at least 1 to 2 centimeters of hair.

4. Dogs are born to swim?

This is not correct. Not all dogs are good at swimming. Pugs and French bulldogs with heavy heads, flat faces, short nasal passages, and fat bodies are not good at swimming and are prone to drowning.

Some dogs and even landlubbers are prone to panic and drown as soon as they enter the water, and they cannot learn to swim at all. So don't take it for granted, throw the dog directly into the water, and exercise it to swim.

5. Can dogs eat egg whites?
There is a saying that talks about toxicity regardless of the dose is a hooligan. Indeed, dogs are not suitable for eating too much egg white, which is not easy to digest, but eating a few eggs every day will not cause harm.

Of course, we do not recommend feeding dogs raw eggs. It is best to feed boiled eggs, 2 to 4 eggs a week is enough.

6. Can't keep a dog when pregnant?
There are many cases where dogs are sent away because of pregnancy. I heard that there will be toxoplasma in dogs, and toxoplasma can cause miscarriage in pregnant women, fetal malformation, and so on. From a scientific standpoint, the main risk of having a dog while pregnant is Toxoplasma gondii. The main route of human infection with Toxoplasma gondii is through eating raw meat.
Dogs are the intermediate host of Toxoplasma gondii, and its feces and excreta are not contagious. Toxoplasma is mainly found in the dog's blood and muscles and may also be present in the mouth.
You may be infected if you have a tongue kiss with a dog or eat dog meat. Normal contact and hygiene will not infect Toxoplasma gondii.
And as long as the dogs are regularly dewormed and vaccinated, and do not feed raw meat, the risk of it being infected with Toxoplasma gondii is very small.

7. Dogs are colorblind! only black and white eyes
When many people raise dogs, they will hear the saying that dogs are color blind. Its eyes can only distinguish black and white, and the world it sees is not in color.
And the excrement shoveler is very puzzled. Since dogs are color blind and can only distinguish between black and white, how do guide dogs distinguish traffic lights? The answer is simple. Dogs are not color blind, but color weak.

Dogs can distinguish different shades of blue, indigo, and purple. Although there are deviations in the resolution of high-saturation colors such as red and green, they can carefully distinguish traffic lights from color saturation.

8. A dog wags their tail means that welcomes you
Many people think that a dog wagging their tail is a sign that the dog welcomes you and is friendly to you. This statement is not correct.

The tail wagging of dogs is mainly related to emotions. If the emotions are excited, they will wag their tail. Dogs will be excited and wag their tails when they see their owners, prey, or enemies.

If you see a strange dog wagging their tail at you, don't come into contact with them easily. Maybe they treat you as an enemy and are wary. If you go forward to touch them, it is very dangerous.

I hope that all the owners can raise dogs scientifically, don't believe in rumors, and let the dogs grow up healthy and happy~

Have you heard any other dog rumors? Let's dispel rumors together!

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