The 5 taboos for training dogs must not be violated!

The 5 taboos for training dogs must not be violated!

The 5 taboos for training dogs must not be violated!

Being obedient to dogs is the wish of every parent. Let's sit and stand. To obtain an obedient dog, parents must have enough patience to guide and train them in their daily lives. Let's take a look at some mistakes that should not be made during the training process.
1. Beat and curse again and again

It is absolutely not advisable to beat and curse dogs at the same time. This behavior can lead to fear, anxiety, and distrust in dogs, ultimately undermining the trust relationship between you. Please remember that positive training methods are more effective than punishment!

2. Unclear password


Training dogs requires consistency and firmness. If you do not perform consistently in instructions and rewards and punishments, the dog will feel confused and the training effect will be greatly reduced. Ensure that family members reach a consensus on training methods and make your dog understand your expectations clearly.

3. Consider positive behavior

It is equally important to value the positive behavior of dogs. Sometimes we focus too much on correcting mistakes and overlook the dog's excellent performance. Timely rewards and praise will motivate the dog to continue this behavior and make training smoother.

4. Training time is too long

Dogs have limited attention, and prolonged training can make them feel tired and bored. It is recommended to control the training time within a short and concentrated time period to ensure that the dog is focused and has gained something.

5.Provide vague or contradictory instructions


It is crucial to communicate instructions clearly and clearly during training. Ambiguous instructions can confuse your dog and prevent them from understanding your expectations correctly. Ensure that your instructions are concise and clear to help your dog learn better.

Avoiding the above five mistakes during dog training will make your training smoother and more effective. Remember, patience, love, and unique understanding are the key to successful training. Cherish every moment with your furry child!





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