PD 800 PaiPaitek Dog Shock Collar with Smart Training Leash, 1600ft Waterproof Electric Collar with 3 Training Manual Options And Automatic Stop Pull

$89.99 USD
  1. function

Sound, vibration, static shock;

Vibration and static electricity can be adjusted in 0-9 level (manual mode only), suitable for various breeds of large, medium, and small dogs

  1. Two modes are available (click the power button to switch)

Manual mode:

Manually mode can control three functions: beep, vibration, and static shock.

Automatic mode:

The device will automatically send a "Beep" signal when the dog pulls 3 lbs.

The device will automatically send a "Beep+Vibration" signal when the dog

pulls 5 lbs.

The device will automatically send a "Beep+Vibration+Static Correction"

signal when the dog pulls 7 lbs.

No protection mode, automatic functions can be triggered without limit

Tips:When the device is in the Auto mode, the Manual mode still works.


4.OLED screen

①Can display functions and power

②Can display static shock and vibration levels at the same time

③Manual and automatic mode prompts (Manual=manual mode Auto=automatic mode)

  1. The remote control rangeis 1000m,the wireless signal is strong and can pass through walls, taking precedence over 99% of similar products.
  2. Waterproof level:receiver is IP67, can swim and be exposed to rain (the handle is not waterproof)


① Pure copper one-to-two (Type-C) charging cable, which can charge the remote handle and receiver at the same time. It is cold-resistant and high-temperature resistant, not easy to break, fast charging, safe and stable ② 4 metal conductive pillars (2 long and 2 Short) ③ 1 test light ④ 1 instruction manual ⑤ Nylon collar ⑥ Nylon traction rope (1.2 meters) ⑦ Remote control handle ⑧ Receiver ⑨ 4 conductive silicone caps (2 long and 2 short), anti-rust and anti-wear

  1. Nylon collar, durable, safe, 65cmforlong and adjustable in size, the excess can be cut off with scissors. There are a variety of collars to choose from
  2. Nylon leash, strong and durable. Dimensions: length 120cm, diameter 9mm.
  3. Polymer lithium-ion battery, ultra-large capacity, ultra-long standby, 2 hours to charge the handle (650 mAh), 2 hours to charge the receiver, up to 60 days of use (650 mAh)
  4. Double-click the receiver switch to check the receiver power at any time to avoid the embarrassment of running out of power during use.

The receiver beeps 5 times, which means 100% (80%-100%)

The receiver beeps 4 times, indicating 80% (60%-80%)

The receiver beeps 3 times, indicating 60% (40%-60%)

The receiver beeps 2 times, which means 40% (20%-40%)

The receiver beeps once, representing 20% (1%-20%)

Low battery/power off red light flashes 10 times

  1. The product settings have a memory function, and the setting once is valid for life.