Why do dogs get crazy when we go for a walk?

Why do dogs get crazy when we go for a walk?

Why do dogs get crazy when we go for a walk?

When we take our dogs out for a walk, we have all encountered situations where they are crazy. So why are dogs so crazy? The reason is very simple!

1. It’s been too long since I’ve been out.

If your dog has not been outside for a long time and has been kept at home for a long time when raising a dog, they will go crazy when you take them out for the first time. Therefore, owners should take their dogs out to play more often, so that the dogs will not be so crazy!

2. Curious about the new environment

If the owner takes the dog for a walk in a new environment, the dog will go crazy because they want to explore this new environment, and their curiosity makes them too excited. That’s why they pull you away like crazy, wanting to explore this new environment as soon as possible!

3. Want to play with friends

Every dog has playmates, so whenever they go out, they may run to a place like crazy because they know where their friends are. The dog is leading you around like crazy because he just wants to go find his friends and play!

4. Want to get rid of the owner

Some dogs are particularly naughty. They go out too crazy and may just want to get rid of their owners, so they will keep pulling their owners away. In this way, the owners will be thrown away and they will be free. the owner must stop this behavior, otherwise, the dog will become more violent!

5. Disrespect for the master
If your dog doesn’t respect you, protect you, bite you, or bark at you, it means he doesn’t regard you as their owner. they will pull you away when you go out for a walk, and he will also be crazy.

6. Dogs are energetic

If your dog is very energetic, he will often run around when you are at home, and he will pull you around like crazy when you go out because he is so energetic. Therefore, you must have enough time to raise such a dog, otherwise, it will be very hard!

Tips for raising a dog:

If your dog is crazy about going out, it is recommended that you do not take them out for a walk when feeding them, otherwise, they will easily cause intestinal discomfort. It is recommended that you go back for a walk in the morning before feeding. You should also feed the dog regularly and quantitatively, which will be of great help to the dog and can also increase the dog's appetite. This is the best way to deal with picky dogs. You can also choose a dog with good palatability. Food feeding.

Does your dog go crazy when you are out for walk?

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