When you give true love to your dog, don't let love become "harm"!

When you give true love to your dog, don't let love become "harm"!

When you give true love to your dog, don't let love become "harm"!

When raising a dog, although you have paid true love to the dog, I would like to advise the owner not to let love become "harm". Let's take a look at what to pay attention to when raising a dog!

1. No rules for bathing
If you love your dog, then you must pay attention to the number of times it is bathed. You can’t wash it every day or every three days. Such an unspecified number of baths will only harm it.
You should bathe your dog once every 7-10 days, and once every 15-20 days in winter!

2. Eating too casually
If you love dogs, don’t let love turn into harm. You can’t eat too casually. You can feed your dogs whatever they want. This will easily lead to picky eaters, poisoning, indigestion, etc.
The food fed to the dog must be sure whether it can eat it, and whether it can be eaten every day!

3. Go out without a leash
Raising a dog should be responsible for the dog. You can’t be without a sense of responsibility. You never take the dog out on a leash. This will only harm it. The leash is the dog’s life-saving rope.
Dogs are prone to accidents without a leash, so don't let love turn into hurt!

4. Insect repellent is very harmful
Some dog owners think that deworming dogs will be very harmful because dogs will have diarrhea and other conditions after deworming every time. This situation is normal, and not deworming will do more harm to dogs.
Therefore, it is recommended that the owner should deworm the dog regularly. If there is diarrhea after deworming, you can feed some pet probiotics for conditioning!

5. Snacks as a staple food
When giving true love to the dog, the owner should not ignore its health problems. Never give snacks to the dog as the staple food, as this will easily lead to malnutrition in the dog.
In this way, it is even more difficult for dogs to live longer. Dog snacks are best used for training and rewards!

6. Staple food leftovers
The staple food for dogs should not be mainly leftovers, long-term eating will only harm it, and it is prone to problems such as rough hair, skin diseases, tear marks, kidney failure, and nutritional imbalance. will be thin.

7. Drink milk every day
In the process of raising a dog, the owner should not drink milk for the dog for a long time. Some dogs are not suitable for drinking milk, because they have lactose intolerance, and they are prone to diarrhea when drinking milk.

Are you committing any of the above things?

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