When to start E-collar training?

When to start E-collar training?

When to start E-collar training?

Electronic collar, commonly referred to as an e-collar, is a training tool used by many dog owners to achieve desirable behavior in their furry friends. These collars are equipped with a small electronic device that delivers a mild shock to the dog when the owner presses a button from a handheld remote. However, the use of e-collars is controversial and requires proper guidance and knowledge.

The big question is, when is the right time to start e-collar training? The answer lies in understanding what e-collar training entails and the prerequisites for starting it.

First and foremost, it is important to build a strong relationship with your dog through positive reinforcement training before considering e-collar training. Positive reinforcement training creates a strong bond between the owner and the dog, making it easier to communicate with the dog during e-collar training.

The ideal time to start e-collar training is when the dog is at least six months old, has gonethrough basic obedience training, and has a good understanding of commands like 'sit’,stay’, 'come’ and ‘heel.’ E-collar training should never be used on a puppy, as their bones and muscles are not yet fully developed, and the shock from the collar can cause physical harm.

It is also necessary to consult a professional dog trainer before starting e-collar training. A trainer will be able to guide and advise on the proper use of the e-collar, the appropriate level of shock, and the intervals between shocks. They will also teach you how to use the collar properly, what to avoid, and how to recognize any signs that the dog may not be responding well to the training.

Another crucial aspect of e-collar training is to use it only when necessary. The collar should beused for correcting behavior that has been previously taught through positive reinforcement training. It is not to be used as a primary training tool, but as a tool to reinforce good behavior.

E-collar training can be a helpful training tool when used correctly and at theright time. The prerequisites for starting e-collar training include building a strong relationship with your dog through positive reinforcement training, waiting until the dog is at least six months old, and consulting a professional dog trainer before beginning. Always be mindful of your dog' s behavior and reactions, and use the e-collar sparingly and appropriately.

Remember, e-collar training should only be used as a tool to enhance good behavior, not as a tool for punishment.

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