There are 5 stages of dogs. Let’s see which stage your dog has reached?

There are 5 stages of dogs. Let’s see which stage your dog has reached?

There are 5 stages of dogs. Let’s see which stage your dog has reached?

A dog's life, just like a human, has different stages. Dogs change at each stage. As dog owners, we must pay special attention to the growth of our dogs.

☛First: lactation [0-6 months years old]
Dogs are completely unable to take care of themselves when they are born and require careful care by their owners. In the first half of the month, they cannot hear or see. The nutrients they need are obtained through breast milk. At this time Owners should pay special attention to the various physical functions of the puppies. The puppies will gradually be weaned when they are 2 to 3 months old.
Owners can consider buying special dog food for puppies to supplement the dog's calorie and protein needs, but the dog food must be soaked until soft, otherwise, the dog may have indigestion or be unable to eat.

Second: puppy stage [6-12 months years old]
The puppy stage is the cutest, and the adorable look makes people fall in love with them. It is also a critical period for the physical and intellectual growth of the dog. The owner should give them the nutrients they need according to their size, physical condition, etc. To ensure they are healthy. At the same time, the owner should protect the dog from doing too strenuous exercise at this time and should exercise appropriately according to their size and age. You can take the puppy for a walk outdoors in a flat place.

☛Third: maturity [1-2 years old years old]
When a dog reaches a certain age, they will have an estrus period, which also means that it has begun to enter its maturity period. When a dog is in estrus, the owner should pay attention to their mood. If it's a female dog, it may be accompanied by bleeding when it is in estrus. Don't worry at this time, this is normal. Generally, female dogs go into estrus almost twice a year, and male dogs normally go into estrus twice as well. However, male dogs will also be very excited if they see nearby female dogs in estrus, so owners should leash them when they go out. In addition, dogs will lose nutrients when they are in heat, and owners must replenish them in time. If you are worried about your dog, you may also consider taking your dog for neutering after its first heat.

☛Fourth: adulthood [2-7 years old]
Adulthood is equivalent to the beautiful youth in a dog's life, and it is also the golden period for dogs. At this time, they are lively and active and like to go outside and play with other dogs. Sometimes they will be too excited and bite the dog. Dog, the owner needs to train it at this time. To change its bad habits, such as being too excited to attack people, biting dogs, fiercely guarding food, biting and barking, etc. During the training process, the dog will not listen to instructions. The owner can use some tools or Snack rewards to make the dog interested in learning.

☛Fifth: it's old age [after 7 years old]
Dogs that have begun to enter old age are most likely to get sick at this time. All body functions are slowly deteriorating, and they are also prone to some physiological diseases. Owners should take their dogs to the hospital regularly for regular check-ups. It is recommended that dogs Get moderate exercise every day. In terms of diet, dog food can be considered to contain chondroitin. Such dog food is very suitable for elderly dogs.

Which stage is your dog at?

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