How to use a E-collar to teach your dog recall training

How to use a E-collar to teach your dog recall training

How to use a E-collar to teach your dog recall training

E-collar recall training teaches your dog to come when called using an electronic collar, also known as an e-collar or shock collar. This training method can be highly effective when done correctly, but following specific steps and guidelines is essential to ensure your dog's safety and success.

Here is a step-by-step guide to e-collar recall training:

Choose the right e-collar like our PD 529-1: it has Beep + vibration(1-100 level)+ static shock (1-100 level), starting from very low to high. This will allow you to find the appropriate level for your dog without causing unnecessary discomfort.

Find the right stimulation level: Put the e-collar on your dog and start at the
lowest level of stimulation. Gradually increase the level until your dog shows a
mild reaction, such as a head turn or ear flick. This is the level you will use for

Condition your dog to the e-collar: Before starting recall training, it's essential to
help your dog understand the sensation of the e-collar and associate it with a
command. Begin using the e-collar at the appropriate level when your dog engages in a different activity, such as sniffing or exploring. As soon as you apply the stimulation, call your dog's name and reward them with a treat when they come to you. Repeat this process several times over a few days until your dog consistently responds to their name with the e-collar stimulation.

Start recall training in a low-distraction environment: Begin your training sessions in a quiet, familiar area with minimal distractions. Have your dog on a long leash or a retractable leash for safety.

Practice the recall command: With your dog at a distance, call their name and
apply the e-collar stimulation simultaneously. As soon as your dog starts moving
towards you, release the stimulation and praise them. When they reach you,
reward them with a treat and lots of praise. Repeat this process several times
during each training session.

Gradually increase distractions: As your dog becomes more reliable in their recall, practice in environments with more distractions, such as a park or a busy street. Always keep your dog on a long leash during this stage of training.

Fade out the e-collar stimulation: Once your dog is consistently responding to the recall command in various environments, begin to fade out the use of the e-
collar. Start by only using the stimulation every other time you call your dog, then gradually decrease the frequency until you are no longer using it at all.

Practice regularly: To maintain your dog's recall skills, continue to practice
regularly, even after you have stopped using the e-collar. This will help reinforce
the behavior and ensure your dog remains responsive to the command.

Remember, e-collar recall training should be a positive experience for your dog.
Always use the lowest level of stimulation necessary and reward your dog with treats and praise for their success. With patience and consistency, your dog will
learn to come when called, making your outings together safer and more

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