How much does your dog love you?

How much does your dog love you?

How much does your dog love you?

Many dog owners don't know whether their dogs love them and how much they love them. So we summed up the 5 levels that dogs love you, Let's see which level you are in!

Level 1:

observe you secretly
If you find that your dog starts to observe you secretly, it means that he/she cares about you and loves you. We always say that liking someone starts with secretly looking at you. If you see a dog watching you, don't poke it!

Level 2:
wink at you
If you look into the dog's eyes and he/she doesn't look away but blinks at you gently, or even gives you a wink, it means that your dog has fallen in love with you.

winking dog

Level 3:
pouting prettily to you
After being with the dog for a while, your relationship becomes closer, and the level of love for you has reached level 3. At this time, the dog likes to pout prettily to you to make you happy, because they know that pouting prettily to you will let you love them more.
If your dog likes to act like a baby to you, it means you love them very much!

pouting prettily

Level 4:
always biting you gently
If your dog grabs your hand and bites you gently, but is not too rude, it means that he/she likes you very much and wants to get closer to you. At this time, the pet owner can properly interact and play with your dog. It would be even better to use snacks as a reward, which can promote the relationship between you.

Level 5:
You are in your dog's eyes all the time
A dog at level 5 regards you as more important than themself. Since they become one of your family members, they have lived for you all their life. For you, they will go through fire and water and even give life. For the rest of their life, they will be you.
I believe the dog still wants to find you as their family if there is an afterlife. To meet a dog who loves you so much, the pet owner should cherish it!

poor dog

Let me know how much does your dog love you?

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