8 behaviors means that your cat love you

8 behaviors means that your cat love you

8 behaviors means that your cat love you

Cats can’t talk with us, but you can tell whether they like cats or not from the following 8 behaviors. If you have a cat, it’s time to test your affinity with cats. Come on and take a look!

1. Wake you up every single morning
If your cat comes to your bed every day before dawn to wake you up or waits for you to wake up, it means that you are already the most important person in your cat's life. The first thing a cat does after waking up every day is to come to you, which is enough to show that the cat likes you very much, except of course, cats who like to sleep in.

2. Likes to bite your socks and shoes
Human feet have more sweat glands, so socks and shoes that are in close contact with the feet often have a lot of sweat odor. Although we hate this odor to death, cats are very obsessed with this smell. This is because the cat loves you and wants to smell you more. This is a way for the cat to like you.

3. Put on a charming sleeping posture
If a cat sleeps in front of you, he will never be secretive and likes to assume various enchanting sleeping postures. This shows that the cat trusts you very much. Even if it sleeps in front of you, it dares to expose its soft belly without worrying about being hurt.

4. Let you pet their head
When a cat takes the initiative to let you pet its head, it shows that it likes you and trusts you. When petting its head, the cat will also leave its scent on your hand. This is a way of liking each other. If the cat doesn't trust you enough and is wary of you, the cat will avoid your hand that wants to pet it.

5. Always stick to you
If a cat likes a person, it will behave like a clingy person. It will always pester you at home and follow you wherever you go, just like a follower. If you are concentrating on work or playing games, your cat will pull at you. Please pay attention to it and interact with it!

6. Share what they like with you
In the cat's mind, they will treat things that have little value as treasures. If a cat likes to share its things with you, it means that the cat values you. I hope the owner can accept the cat's "confession" to you. This is the cat's way of conveying love to you. The owner should not ignore its enthusiasm!

7. Take care of your emotions
Cats are very spiritual. They can feel the emotions of their owners. If they are smarter and well-trained cats, they can help you with some small favors when they see that their owners need help. If the owner is in a bad mood or depressed, they will find ways to make you happy, or they will stay by your side to accompany you.

8. Licking you a lot
Licking is a cat's behavior of expressing affection. If you extend your hand to the cat, the cat will take the time to lick you. This is a signal that the cat is friendly to you. If you haven't stretched out your hand, the cat will rush over. Licking you means that your cat is full of love for you.

How much does your cat love you?

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